Welcome to our GREEN site!

We are 3 brothers – Daniel (14), Matthew (12) and Luke (9) – who are interested in learning how to run our own business. We also love nature and have lots of pets at home – including chickens, ducks, tortoises, dogs and many other pets. We are crazy about protecting God’s beautiful earth and have always been interested in running our own business. We have set up this business to market the a variety of free-range products which are produced on our property including free-range eggs from our hens and home-made organic compost. We are excited to be partnering with our very good friends, Lauren (13), Kirstie (15) and Jake (11) who will be joining the business and adding to our range of eco-friendly products. We will keep you updated on their organic biscuits, chilli bushes and other exciting products!

Absolutely delicious! Chocolate-oats fudge made by Crue Green 🙂

You will LOVE our crunchies!

Delicious bite-sized crunchies made from real butter and the freshest ingredients!

There’s a huge demand for our free-range eggs!

Our home-made Lemon & Orange Marmalade!

Our compost is made using Australian Red Worms and the technique is called Vermicomposting…

Our chickens are genuinely free-range! Happy chickens make for delicious eggs and happy customers 🙂

Our laying hens are fed a special mix of laying meal and grain which ensures that they lay optimally and that their eggs are absolutely delicious!

Everything that leaves the kitchen is recycled!

Everything that leaves our kitchen is recycled. Nothing goes to waste!

Our free-range hens are incredibly tame and love the camera!

One of our big, healthy laying hens…

Our delicious mini-muffins are mouth-wateringly good…

New to our product range! Home-made, organic bite-sized crunchies that are absolutely delicious!

Look out for our Father’s Day specials on our organic compost!

Luke preparing and packing the compost. Getting stock ready for our Father’s Day special!

Crue GREEN supports World Environment Day – 5 June 2012!

From left to right: (a) Our previous free-range eggs, (b) a Woolworths Jumbo free-range egg, (c) the new Crue Green free-range eggs.

Matt showing off the new Crue Green free-range eggs. The Crue Green free-range eggs is on the left, with a Woolworths Jumbo free-range egg on the right!


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